Sunrise Cafe


Tammy, owner & head chef

Mike, waiter

Bill, pastry chef & webmaster

Donna, kitchen assistant & sous chef

A long family history...

Sunrise Cafe, formerly known as Little Mac's Restaurant, was originally founded in 1945 by Tammy and Bill's parents, John and Mary McClure.  They were known affectionately among the community as "Little Mac" and "Mrs. Mac".

The original restaurant, known simply as "Mac's Place," was a roadside stand on the south end of today's parking lot, in front of where Mac's Greenhouse is now located.

In 1952, the McClures constructed a new building for their restaurant on the lot next door, as commemorated on this keepsake calendar from a few years later:
After her parents retired in 1986, Tammy re-opened the restaurant under its new name, Sunrise Cafe.

And then in 2008, the building underwent a spectacular change which took the community by surprise when Tammy had it painted a color known simply as "Sunrise Yellow"...!